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How Our Program Works

How it Works
We take donated coupons and use them to purchase products for the food pantry at a discounted price. Many times using grocery stores which double coupons we can get items for free or close to free.
By sending us your coupons, we are able to purchase more food and personal care items to help the pantry. Coupons for personal care items (example: toothpaste or soap) are extremely helpful because out clients cannot purchase these items with food stamps.
Please see our wish list of coupons needed the most.
We prefer that you send us your coupons already clipped. This saves on volunteer time. If you are unable to clip the coupons we can do the clipping.

Questions ?
Email our Executive Director and Founder
William Bailey

Please Mail your Coupons To:
Coupons 4 Food Pantries
c/o William Bailey
P.O. Box 248247
Columbus, OH, 43224

If you wish to join our Mailing List please include your full name and email address with your coupon donation.

Our parent, Help 4 Food Pantries is currently seeking 501(3)(c) status in the State of Ohio.

Coupons 4 Food Pantries